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Through the operation of our fast replacement glass service, our company aims to provide you a same day service for single glazed glass. After arriving the broken pane of glass is measured to determine the dimensions and glass specification. This is followed with the fitting of a new piece of the required glass at a British Standard quality within the relevant timeframe. Some types of glass do have a longer timeframe involved than a single day service (double glazed units and patterned door panels are two examples.) These need to be ordered in and will be fitted at a suitable time after it is

confirmed to be ready. Our company is capable of replacing glass with a wide variance in specification, dimension and altitude the window will be situated; windows usually require fitting from the outside so we utilise equipment such as ladders, scaffolding or cherry pickers to help ensure a high-quality and secure fitting.

Sometimes a window repair would not be limited to glass replacement. To ensure we provide a service which can address a range of faults we repair or replace frames where necessary too. Our methods of frame repair or replacement work under the same principles as glass replacement. We inspect the broken window or door frame, gain the specifications, ensure you are accurately quoted if you have not yet already been and will organise for immediate repairs or replacements depending on the best course of action. Replacements are organised through the ordering of the required items from our suppliers and fitting at the appropriate date. We use our skills to ensure a high quality repair or replacement.

We can supply and fit mirrors and table top panes for you too. Mirrors can often be fitted on the same or next day and table tops often require a short ordering period due to the composition of the glass. We can design the piece of glass to various shapes and sizes, being sure to smooth the edges down for safety purposes if the glass isn’t designed for a frame. Our glaziers will measure the glass and take note of any aesthetic preference for the glass you may have and proceed.

If you have had a double glazed window fitted brand new in recent years then it may be low emissivity glass (also known as “low e” or “K glass.”) These panes have an insulating quality; a sizeable amount of heat and UV light is kept on the outside and heat generated inside the house is kept inside. The result is a temperate home in the summer and an insulated house in the winter and we are able to supply and fit new panes possessing the attribute. If you choose to we can also insulate through filling the double glazed unit with argon gas, which is denser than normal air and is an economically viable insulating gas to use. As with low-emissivity glass, it is recommended if you are interested in ensuring a temperate house over the differing seasons.

To resolve the ever-plausible predicament of possessing new furniture or items you are unable to get into a property we provide a fast response remove and refit service. A glass pane of sufficient size will be removed for you and refit at a later time when the pane is ready to be refitted.

Wishing to fulfil our aims of a dependable 24 hour service, we operate an out of hours boarding up service to ensure safety and security for your property for your own peace of mind. The security risks posed by broken panes are mitigated through the application of boards to the compromised panes. Plywood boards are cut down to the optimum measurement and firmly secured; temporarily if you seek a replacement pane at a viable time or permanently if preferred. Board ups are also useful during the ordering period for double glazed units.

We can simulate the effect of leaded or Georgian windows through the implementation of decoration lead or Georgian bars. If you have a double glazed or single glazed window we can apply decoration to the new window pane in the style of decoration lead or white Georgian bars. The lead or bars are stuck on to the glass either during its formation (we can apply them to either the outside or inside the glass if you have a double glazed unit) or just prior to its fitting. In terms of the layout we can apply it to numerous designs, the lead usually to a square design or diamond shape as per your preference.

As we aim for a versatile service for all our customers we provide a specialist service of glass replacement for old lead-light windows. These windows are comprised of very small panes of glass woven into a solid lead frame. The solution our glaziers would use is dependent on the area and extent of glass. If only isolated panes are smashed in the window we can replace the individual panes in the same fashion as modern glass panes. However if the lead is damaged or the broken panes are adjacent to each other the lead may require a degree of work (either localised repair or if not full replacement.) If required we will order a replacement and arrange a fit date when it is ready.

Some panels are not glass at all and are Perspex/polycarbonate. Our glaziers can supply and fit these for you to the required size and to the desired design. Our glaziers can fit Perspex at different thicknesses and in either opaque or transparent. We aim for a same day fitting for this work.

Sash windows can suffer numerous problems. Apart from broken glass or frame damage the sash window can come out of alignment or suffer damage to the cords. Not wanting to leave the window unsecure, our glaziers will attend at a suitable time to re-align or rehang the window or replace any damaged sash cords.

Our company understands the need for privacy and for a comfortable environment. There is an increasing demand in businesses and even residential homes for glass which provides extra privacy, does not let as much heat in via sunlight or glass with special tints or colouring. We can supply and fit window films containing certain attributes to your piece of glass. Our suppliers will arrange the required film for you and it will be fitted to either a new pane or a pre-existing one.

We provide free written estimates and quotes for our work which carries the additional benefit of being insurance approved. We will advise you of the relevant costs and arrange a suitable date or time to attend your property with yourself. We aim for a 30-90* minute response time 24 hours a day*, 7 days a week* and are merely a single phone call away.

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